API Methods

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Calling an API method is done by making a request to a method URI

API Methods are of the form:



  • https://www.mcssl.com/API/118303
    • Returns a list of Group Level methods available to merchant 118303
  • https://www.mcssl.com/API/118303/Products
    • Returns a list of Product related methods
  • https://www.mcssl.com/API/118303/Products/LIST
    • Returns a list of Products
  • https://www.mcssl.com/API/118303/Products/173457882/READ
    • Returns Product details for ProductId 173457882

Method Documentation

Clients Methods

List Clients
Read Client

Products Methods

List Products
Read Product

Orders Methods

List Orders
Count Orders
Read Order

Errors Methods

API Error Codes

Notifications Methods

Test Notification

API Parameters

API parameters help to specify what data will be returned from the API. Parameters sent to the API are required to be in XML format as shown below. These parameters can be used in conjunction with one another where the method allows a particular parameter. At the very minimum, your merchant key is required as an API parameter when making API calls.

API Parameter Example






API Method Parameters Matrix

List Clients List Products List Orders List Errors
Limit Count2 -
Limit Offset -
Sort Column 3 - 4 -
Sort Order5 - -
Limit Start Date6 - - -
Limit End Date6 - - -
1 Required for every API call
2 Maximum available limit count is 100
3 FirstName, LastName
4 GrandTotal
6 In the format MM/dd/yyyy [HH:mm:ss]

API Results

The following page show examples of results that can be returned by the API